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Super Smoothie

I am not a fan of drinking smoothies everyday. Eating the foods in their whole form can be more satisfying to keep you full longer. Also, one of the biggest problems with smoothies is that they are usually made up with mostly fruit which can really be more like a dessert and spike your blood sugar.

With that said, I still like to have a good smoothie once in awhile. My trick is to mix in some good ingredients to help add nutrient density to it but still keep the fruity flavor. You can definitely add more veggies to it if you prefer. I found this recipe is perfect for our ‘at home go-to’ because whenever I am craving a smoothie I am usually craving the fruit. At the same time I need to balance it out with some protein, fat, and a veggie to make it more nutrient dense and not spike my blood sugar.

I am sure everyone is used to throwing some fruit, veggies, and some sort of protein powder into a smoothie. For my smoothie recipe, I have some unique ingredients because of the health benefits that I have researched and a smoothie is an easy way to get them in.

  • Chia seeds: Support immune system, source of calcium, source of magnesium, helps regulate bowel movements, antioxidant, and serves as a prebiotic food (good for your gut!).
  • Trace minerals: They are the building blocks for hundreds of enzymes. We used to get most of our trace minerals from the foods grown in rich soil. However, the quality of soil has been depleted over the years. We do get some from the food we eat if we have a good diet, but I like adding a little extra every once in awhile (about once/week) in a smoothie.
  • Spirulina: One of the most nutrient dense foods out there! It is a great source of protein as well as vitamins and minerals. From my research, quality is the most important when considering which brand to buy. The healthforce spirulina was one of the best I could find.
  • Collagen protein: Promotes youthful skin as well as bone and joint health. My favorite thing about it is that its a great way to get protein with additional benefits but it doesn’t taste like anything, so its great to add to smoothies. Whey protein can be very problematic for people with a dairy sensitivity and all of the plant proteins out there are either not clean sources, contain grains (which I try to avoid) or they taste really bad. I won’t even go into why soy is awful for you. With all that said, Collagen protein has become my best friend for the occasional smoothie.
  • Coconut water: helps to rehydrate you, source of electrolytes and more. You have to be really careful about the brand you buy, as the big soda companies have started selling coconut water and its not really coconut water, but rather its concentrate with added sugar and other bad stuff where you will not be getting any of the benefits. This article is the one I found most helpful when shopping for coconut water. She lists best, ok and worst in a chart. I decided to buy ‘harmless harvest coconut water‘ since its high quality and you can get it at Costco where I live. The only thing I don’t like about it is that its in a plastic bottle. (Although they are made from in a way that uses 33% less plastic and it can be recycled.)

The below recipe is healthy but still delicious! Give it a try! My 4 year old has given his stamp of approval. 🙂

Jessica’s Super Smoothie:

Serving size: 3 full glasses (or 4 half glasses)

Blend all ingredients together:

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