Happy Healthy Homestead

Sheltering in and making the most of it

There have been so many changes the past month with schools closing, stores closing, and a shelter in place order. While I would normally love staying cooped up on our homestead to get some extra things done, this is a bit different. It’s been a challenge with both of us still working our full time job from the house, balancing the kids and spring homestead projects.

With that said we are so very grateful that we have good health, that we are able to still be employed and for the extra time we have together as a family – even though it’s during not ideal circumstances.

For this post, I thought I would share a little of what we have been up to the past few weeks – particularly my 5 year old Wyatt, who is a busy little bee.

Here are some snapshots of Wyatt’s favorite activities this past month:

Face painting:

Something fun that makes the day a little different 🙂

Weekend Chores:

Below Wyatt is sweeping a log off. I don’t have a picture of it, but he has been doing a great job at helping us shovel up wood clippings into the wheel barrow loads and helping me water my plants. We are getting baby chickens in a few weeks and he is really excited to help take care of them everyday.

Math & Reading:

Montessori math activity

Wyatt practicing phonics with his preschool class over Zoom

Montessori reading object box

Art projects:

Wyatt shows his version of starry night.

Wyatt used the Osmo creative drawing app to make these crowns on paper and then it was his idea to attach a back and sides and tape together so he could put them on as a real crown. As you can see he loves doing all kinds of paper projects.

A lot of time spent exploring outdoors:

Checking out bugs on a log

Catching salamanders

Finding pinecones

Hunting for something (I am not sure what)

Building a damn over the creek

Free play:

I find myself trying to take out toys that he hasn’t played with in awhile and just set them in the middle of the room. Usually my invitation works and it will get played with that day. 🙂

What have you been doing with your kiddos during the shelter in?