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Paleo FX Health Conference

This year I was able to attend PFX in Austin TX.

What is Paleo FX?

Paleo FX is a large health conference that consists of:

  1. Talks from health experts on a wide array of topics including: the latest microbiome research, environment/toxins, becoming a health coach, longevity/anti-aging, brain health, and more.
  2. Vendors including: red light therapy, healthy snacks, probiotic spray, supplements, sleep tracking devices and many more.
  3. Classes including: exercise classes, hands on health workshops, and more.

The schedule is set up in a way that you cannot possibly attend everything, as there are several talks going on at the same time. I had to strategically pick which one I was the most interested in for each time slot and then and any remaining time where I was not in a talk I spent on the vendor floor. I decided to not attend any classes, as most that I was interested in were exercise related and being that I was 7 1/2 months pregnant I didn’t want to overdo it.

For PFX you have the option to choose from 3 ticket types: 1) expo: includes vendor floor, keynote stage, and any talks that happen on stages on the vendor floor 2) premium: includes everything from expo plus additional talks upstairs 3) VIP: you get special seating and meeting the authors/doctors/specialists who are doing the talks

It was my first time and I decided to go with the premium. After going I felt it was the right choice. If I am going to spend the money to fly all the way to Austin I wanted to get the most from the talks and I did feel like the majority of the talks upstairs were more ‘advanced’ and I was able to learn a ton from them. I don’t care about seating or much about meeting the speakers, so the premium was perfect for me.

I won’t be sharing my complete set of raw notes from the conference as its very long and likely would not be as helpful if you don’t have the full context of the talks. Plus it would make for a very long post. 🙂 Instead, I’d like to highlight my TOP 5 FAVORITE talks from PFX.

Top 5 Favorites Talks from Paleo FX April 2019:

#1 – “Healing Leaky Gut” with Karan Krishnan

  • How does leaky gut occur? It’s a sequence of events of many degrees
  • We are a super organism = collection of symbionts
  • Where does your microbiome come from? 2 places: 1) While in mom’s tummy (seeding) 2) environment (conditioning)
  • 838 days (2 ½ years old) to an adult like microbiome
  • Breast Milk = probiotic and bacteria
  • At 838 days (2 ½ years) you have a baseline microbiome. From now on environment exposure is what affects it.
  • C-section babies are 3-4x more likely to have immune dysfunctions
  • Anxiety and stress behavior also affect gut
  • Microbiome cloud: you could be living with someone unhealthy and it will effect you via the cloud
    • Bacteria from toilet when flushed sucked into air, into vents, spread everywhere
    • Dust is 90% human skin, bacteria in skin
    • Alternatively you could be living with someone healthy and its positively affecting you. You share bacteria.
  • Your immune system is attacking your own bacteria with leaky gut
  • Dysbiosis:
    • Low akkermansia
    • Low faecalibacterium
    • Low Bifido Longum
    • Low Bifido Adolescentis
  • Post biotics = Compounds made my microbiome that are essential to health
    • Short chain fatty acid
  • When things start to go through that layer (mucosa layer) via leaky gut then you start having problems > disrupted mucosa immune response
  • Any process in this step leads to disease and dysfunction
  • Meta analysis review = lots of studies
  • This is a consensus on a bunch of studies…
  • Dysbiosis seen in obesity, IBS, IBD, Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer
  • Therapies correcting dysbiosis with fecal transplants is promising
  • Depression is also caused by leaky gut
  • Leaky gut leads to autoimmune disease
  • Acromansia high level = good
  • This single bacteria can prevent disease
    • Keystone strands
  • How long you live has to do with the health of your microbiome
  • Lack of diversity in gut is associated with aging vs diversity associated with anti-aging
  • Some dysfunction in microbiome is the gut problem for hashimotos, diabetes, etc.
  • LPS (lipopolysaccharide) = when those leak through (usually with food) that is very bad
  • You release a lot of LPS in digestive system
  • Metabolic Endotoxemia:
    • After you eat food (5 hrs) you have huge release of LPS, but if it gets leaked through it causes problems
    • Low grade inflammation
    • Septicemia (blood poisoning) a little bit happens every time you eat food
    • Takes body 2 weeks to recover from 1 meal
    • Leaky gut can cause more leaky gut
    • LPSs wells fac cells 2-3x regular size
    • Insulin levels in brain (diabetes starts in brain)
    • Most accurate predictor of type 2 diabetes in LPS (not cholesterol)
    • LPS can lead to alzheimer’s
    • Parkinson’s = Ira-cranially LPS causes activation and neuronal loss
    • LPS causes leptin resistance
    • You cannot burn fat if you have metabolic endotoxemia
  • What we can do to impact leaky gut and metabolic endotoxemia:
    • Recondition gut by changing environment with multi spore probiotic
    • Reinforce positive gut high DP
    • Rebuilt your gut
  • 3 weeks exposure to roundup can put you in dysbiosis and (1 exposure is eating a bowl of cheerios)
  • 10-100x increase when you add probiotic
  • 1-100x increase when you add prebiotic
  • Akkermansia growth when you combine probiotic and prebiotic
  • Study on college students
    • Tested LPS after meals, had huge levels of LPS
    • After 30 days of probiotic, LPS goes way down
  • Our ancestral foods were covered with this kind of bacteria
  • Add these microbes back in
  • “Just Thrive” probiotic is unique because of its very high survival rate (in 90th %) vs probiotics on market at general health food store which have low amount of diversity in species and low survival rate.

#2 – “The wonderful world of gut microbiome” with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne PHD

  • We cannot survive without these species/microbs
    • 1) probiotic
    • 2) symbiotic
    • 3) opportunistic (can become pathogenic)
  • Diversity is #1 important thing for your gut
  • Your goal is to have as many species as possible
  • Primary role is to act as digestive role
  • Gene/DNA = map for protein = the protein does something
  • Bacterial cross-feeding = other bacterias poop
  • Gut eats lots of fiber but also eats protein
  • Glutamine, Artamine = important for gut barrier function
  • Our gut bacteria makes vitamins
    • 86% of our vit B6
    • Vit B12 most complex to make
    • 50% of our vit K comes from our gut bacteria, usually we didn’t eat that K2
  • Phytochemicals important for our health, but we can only absorb 5% directly. The other 95% has to be absorbed by our gut bacteria.
  • Our gut bacteria makes neurotransmitters.
  • You cannot heal leaky gut gut or skin issues (eczema) without a healthy microbiome
  • Microbiome impacts every aspect of the immune system and regulates it
  • 60% of microbiome is affected by food
  • 40% of microbiome is everything else (genetics, lifestyle, environment)
  • Protein & Microbiome:
    • Your microbiome loves fish the most of all for protein
      • Also shellfish
    • Chicken is better for young people vs old people
    • Pea protein can be good
    • Soy protein is bad
    • Grass Fed meat & dairy – good depending on kind
      • A1 casein is bad
      • A2 casein is ok (goat, camel)
    • Crickets & Insects – good
    • Bone broth – very good
  • Fat & Microbiome:
    • Likes omega 3s
      • Loves extra virgin olive oil!
    • Doesn’t like saturated fat
      • MCT oil, coconut oil may be ok, but the impact on the gut is not straightforward yet, need more studies. In general don’t over do it.
  • Carbs & Microbiome:
    • Loves large diversity of veggies & fruit
      • Cruciferous veggies
      • Leafy greens
      • Peas
      • Roots & tubers
      • Fruits (specifically apple family, berries, citris)
      • Mushrooms
        • Microbiome loves mushrooms! Try to eat every other day if possible
        • Mushrooms have unique fibers you can get anywhere else
    • Some grains can be problematic
    • Mix up how you eat veggies:
      • some fermented, some not
      • Some raw, some cooked
  • Microbiome can shift positively within 3-4 days with high veggie intake
  • Other things good for the Microbiome:
    • Honey
    • Green & Black tea
    • Coffee
    • Chocolate (cacao)
    • Nuts (walnuts, pistachios, almonds, chestnuts)
      • Walnuts best of all
  • Other important factors for Microbiome:
    • Hydration
    • Hormone environment
    • Plenty of Vit D
    • Wild ferments
    • Exposure to organic soil
  • Testing:
    • Stool analysis can be helpful
    • Food sensitivity test is NOT that helpful

#3 – “Brain Health” with Dr. Perlmutter

  • We used to think nature vs nurture. Is it our genes or environment
  • Now with epigenetics we understand lifestyle impact is huge on our future health outcome
  • “Alzheimer’s the science of prevention” video is coming soon
    • scienceofprevention.com
  • Tumeric and DHA positively affect DNA expression
  • PCOS – metabolic issue, insulin resistance
  • PCOS – foundation for Alzheimer’s
  • He thinks Keto diet can be very helpful if done correctly. Issue with people doing Keto is not enough fibers/veggies or electrolytes. If done well, can be very beneficial.
  • APOE4 gene means increased risk, but lifestyle factors can override that and mean more than what your genes say.
  • If taking staten, you are 71% more likely to get type 2 diabetes.
  • Then once you have type 2 diabetes you are 4x more likely to get Alzheimer’s
  • Persistent elevation of blood sugar, insulin receptors stop answering the door and letting the blood sugar in, so then the blood sugar rises, then it makes more insulin, then insulin resistance develops
  • Alzheimer’s begins in 30s and 40s, it doesn’t just happen overnight in 70s/80s.
  • We used to use MRI to scan brain for Alzheimer’s but now we use “FDG – PET” scan, which has to do with insulin.
  • We can protect the brain with ketones when we are younger
  • We can power the brain with ketones when we are older
  • Keto can be super fuel for the brain
  • Cancer cells LOVE sugar
  • Keto can be a good treatment for cancer patients
  • Keto can restore insulin sensitivity, enhance growth of brain cells, and reduce inflammation and free radicals.
  • A1C = average blood sugar level (reduce A1C)
    • Below 7 means nothing, even 5.8 is dangerous
  • He recommends to test:
    • CRP
    • Homosistein
    • 23 & Me
    • Fasting Glucose
  • Belly fat increases Dementia later life
  • Parkinsons
    • Mitochondrial failure
    • Complex 1
    • Ketones bypasses this affect (His recommends trying Ketosis with Parkinson’s)
    • Parkinson’s usually comes from Toxin exposure (and sometimes from Diabetes)
  • Target Microbiome > heal leaky gut
  • Leafy green veggies are important
  • CBD can allow persistent attraction of receptors and be very helpful to us
  • Density of bone, Vit D, & Magnesium are important
  • Large frontal cortex
    • Compassion
    • Plan for future
  • Amygdala
    • Instant response
    • Impulse
  • He has a new book coming out called “Brain Wash”
  • He works closely and highly recommends Dale Bredison “The end of Alzheimer’s” who has 37 protocols of Alzheimer’s in his book.
  • He suggests to eat a lot of fish, some chicken, some grass fed beef
  • There is too much emphasis still on high cholesterol.
  • It’s not just the level of LDL but its the oxidation of LDL (high sugar) which is way more important
  • Fasting blood sugar lipid panel
  • Metformin drug reduces blood sugar for diabetes. It is fine for awhile but people NEED to do lifestyle changes. Taking Metformin can increase risk of death later x2.
  • APOE4 – you may limit/watch your saturated fats. But benefits of Ketones outweigh the issue with saturated fats. Consume them, just don’t go overboard with them.

#4 – “Soil & Microbiome” with Dr. Zach MD

  • In US we spend 3.3 trillion on healthcare
    • this is 3-4 times more than we spend on national defense
  • Its a global economy now, its not an American economy
  • Losing 8K farms per year because of political stance against the rest of the world
  • Most probiotic strains we have right now are from cow intestines
  • We have about 200 mitochondria per human cell
  • 6 lbs of mitochondria (“bugs”) microbiome in body
  • You will never get 40,000 species when you take 100 species in a probiotic
  • We have 2 million genes
  • There are 300,000 species of parasites
  • Metabolic collapse (with lyme disease)
  • We cannot use sulfur compounds as fuel
  • 5 million species of mushrooms
  • 10 with 31 0’s behind it is how many viruses we have
    • No wonder the flu vaccine doesn’t work!!!
  • 90% of serotonin is coming from gut
  • 50% of dopamine is produced from gut
  • Your brain is talking and listening directly to the gut
  • Chances of depression increases 25-56% within 1 year of taking antibiotics
  • Different bacteria in healthy breast vs cancer breast
  • Correlation with antibiotics and cancer
  • Round up > Glysophate: 1 application will kill 50 million earth worm population
  • 85% of roundup is in 1 river system and that is where MOST of the cancer issues are geographically in the US
  • We can see “dead portion” from space from the roundup
  • Its not just leaky gut but leaky blood vessels and leaky kidney because of the blood brain barrier
  • Glysophate leads to fatty liver and can start to collapse mitochondria
  • US ranks 49th in world health
  • US ranks #1 in death on day 1 in the world
  • 80% loss of gut diversity after 2 weeks of antibiotic use
  • How to improve gut is with very old soil (check out “restore” product)
  • Please support: “Farmersfootprint.us” > helps switch conventional farmers to organic farmers

#5 – “Longevity: how to live past 70” with Ben Greenfield

The Health Basics (learnings from “blue zones”):

(there is no point in trying to do the more advanced health biohacks, supplements, etc. if you don’t have the basics down)

  1. Don’t smoke / have clean air
    • Have standalone HEPA air filter in the house. (Couple of brands: air doctor, molecule)
    • Take Full spectrum antioxidants for people who have been smoking
  2. Eat wild plants
    • Wild plant species, herbs, spices
  3. Avoid processed / packaged foods
    • Your pantry should be 90% mason jars with fermented items rather than packaged foods
    • Even watch out for paleo packaged foods!
  4. Eat legumes (MAYBE)
    • This one is a big ‘maybe’. While this is a theme from the blue zones, not everyone can digest legumes.
    • If you include make sure they are properly prepared
  5. Low level physical activity throughout day
    • You don’t need to do crossfit everyday
    • You need to be outside in the sun and in the dirt (building, working, etc.)
    • Occasionally lifting heavy things is good
  6. Prioritize social engagement
    • Not on social media!
    • Family dinners and games
    • Social dinner, in person with close friends
  7. Low-moderate alcohol
    • Ben & jitters (Gin & jitters)
    • Organic red wine
  8. Restrict calories and fasting
    • He fasts 12-16 hrs /day
    • Eats 8-10 hrs > 5,000 calories
    • Full day cleanse once/year or quarterly
    • 24 hr fast monthly
  9. Possess a strong life purpose
    • His is: To empower people to live a better life
    • His sons: To make people laugh with art
    • Book: “the subtle art of not giving a fuck”
  10. Low amounts of stress
    • Breath! Learn different ways…
    • Box breathing
    • Alternative breathing
    • Breathwork fortress (see his blogpost)
  11. Spiritual
    • Aspect in hope!
    • Believe in higher power
  12. Remain reproductively useful
    • Lots of sex

That’s a wrap from my top 5 favorite talks from PFX. Overall, I had a great time and learned so much. I would definitely like to go back sometime in the future.

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