Nourishing Chicken Soup

This is our family’s go to soup during the cold/flu season as a preventative. I make a large batch that we eat for a few meals and then I freeze the leftovers. I purposefully do

Garden Planning

I have been so excited to garden plan this year! We are in the middle of putting up a 6′ fence that will go around our garden and chicken area and give me much more

Saffron Chicken & Rice

This recipe is adapted from ButcherBox’s One Pot Chicken Recipe. I kept most of the ingredients the same. I changed the quantity and type of a few items. Mainly what I changed is the instructions

Book Review: The Better Baby Book

This month I read: “The Better Baby Book” by Dave and Lana Asprey m.d. Favorite Quotes: “Countless factors can cause any of a baby’s genes to turn on or off during the time in the

Chicken Tikki

This is a recipe to add to your winter comfort foods list. During the colder months we have a lot of soups and stews. It’s nice to have a recipe like this in between soup

Simple Preschool Lunch Ideas

In our house, breakfast and dinner tend to be the most nutritious meals. If its the weekend we usually pack a healthy snack in replace of lunch to take with us to the beach or

Book Review: Your Self Confident Baby

This month I read: “Your Self Confident Baby: how to encourage your child’s natural abilities – from the very start“ Favorite Quotes “What is essential is to observe. Get to know your child. If you

Pizza Soup

I have a list of soups we eat regularly and rotate through and this is one of our favorites that we never get tired of. You can easily customize it to make it more to