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Organizing Photos & Memorabilia

In this digital age organizing photos and memorabilia usually looks a lot different than it did 30 years ago. Since it is so easy to take as many photos you want and save them to ‘the cloud’, then the question becomes…’now what do I do with them?’.

Now some people will be the ‘scrapbooking type of people’ that will enjoy spending hours to craft up pictures and memorabilia with artsy papers and stickers into a book. I would have to really enjoy doing that in order to spend that much time on a project and the answer is that I definitely do not enjoy it, so traditional scrapbooking is out of the question for me. However, I do want to do something with our photos and there is some physical memorabilia I have been throwing in a box for the last 10 years that I want to hang on to, so now what?

Here are the solutions I came up:

  • Create a yearly family photobook. As I take photos with my camera or phone I try to save my favorites in a particular folder. Doing this helps a ton when it comes time to make the yearly photobook. If you have a MacBook, their iPhotos organized your photos by date which is so convenient. If you don’t have one, you can do the same thing on your desktop or documents by creating a ‘photos’ folder and then creating sub folders for each month of the year and then sub folders within those that are your ‘favorites’. I usually go through Shutterfly when I make our family photobook and I go with one of their set templates and just plop them in order. I usually add text for special trips we took and for saying which month it is, but thats it. I don’t add long stories on each page or decorate each page with all the extra designs they provide as options, mainly just because I want the process to go faster. On the front of the book I always put our last name and then ‘family memories’ and the year. I have photobooks of different sizes. If I would have been more thoughtful from the beginning I would have stuck with one size so they fit nicer together on the shelf. Going forward I plan to stick with the same size. 🙂 While you can always go back on Facebook and look at your past albums with your kids, there is something special about holding a book in your hands and looking at memories.
  • Add any physical family memorabilia to a simple tape & go expandable book. Like I mentioned before I am not a scrapbooky type of person, so when I was looking for somewhere to put memorabilia i wanted a very simple expandable type of book where I could simply slap some tape on an item and put it in. I found one on amazon that works really well for this which I have linked to below. I also used a basic travel scrapbook (also linked below) for taping in our postcards we get from our travels. When we travel somewhere new I always grab a postcard as our memorabilia. Some people collect spoons or mugs from each area they go to. I liked the idea, but I wanted something much easier to keep and store that was also super affordable so we decided to do postcards. It took me a couple of hours to get everything from the last 10 years into these books. Now I plan to keep updated once per year, so hopefully it will just take a couple of minutes.
  • Memory box for larger items. There are some items that we don’t have out on display but want to keep, like little things Wyatt made at school. We put these in a storage box with a lid.
  • Update any frames yearly. I don’t have that many picture frames around our house and the ones I do have I very rarely update. One thing I did decide to start doing however is print a wallet size photo of each of my kids for every birthday & halloween (in their costume). I purchases mini frames with clips (so you don’t have to unclasp the frame and put the photo behind glass, you just clip it) which I plan to put out for every birthday and halloween as fun family reminder to look back at each year and how they have grown when celebrating another year.

I hope this gives you some idea of what you may want to consider doing with your family memorabilia. What kinds of things do you find helpful? Share in comments below!

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