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My Favorite Natural Personal Care Products

Why purchase natural personal care products?

For me there are three main reasons I choose to purchase natural products: 1) health 2) sustainability 3) supporting companies who are honest

Reason#1: Health

Whether we like to admit it or not, we are pretty much bombarded with chemicals and toxins everywhere we go these days. Our chemical exposure has increased 250% from 30 years time and is expected to have grown even more in the last decade.

When are body is exposed to chemicals it recognizes them as toxins and the body tries its best to detox that chemical out. Even if we bought all the natural products in the world, ate the best food, lived in an area where the air pollution was low, etc. we still would be exposed to chemicals. There is no way to completely avoid them and that’s ok, because our bodies were made to detox. However, we can make it a bit easier on our bodies to not have to detox so much by significantly lowering the amount in which we are exposed to, especially the ones we are putting directly on our skin.

Reason#2: Sustainability

What do you think happens to all the leftover chemicals? From the factories where these are made, from the leftover product in the tube that gets tossed in the trash, or even from the packaging of the material…

It goes into our ocean, it goes into our landfill which can get into our water supply and contribute to our air pollution. Whenever we support companies that do not make sustainable choices, by giving them our money we are asking them to keep doing what they are doing. They will not change unless their bottom dollar is affected. As soon as there becomes more and more of  a demand for products without harmful ingredients, as we put our money towards those kind of products then the rest of the market will begin to shift in that direction. Not because they are good hearted companies who care, but because their bottom dollar is affected and they have to. I’m not trying to be negative, just realistic.

Reason #3: Support companies who are honest

This brings me to my last main reason why I choose natural products. I want to give my money to companies who are trying to do the right thing. They decided to not go with mainstream and instead took a big risk. They care about people’s health and about sustainability practices that will be helpful to our earth. I truly want to support this kind of mission, even if it costs me a couple more dollars to buy their product over the mainstream walgreens version one.

Ingredients to watch out for:

According to the EWG (Skin Deep) at minimum you want to avoid these harmful ingredients in personal care products:

  • Riclosan (often found in soaps)
  • Triclocarban (often found in soaps)
  • Retinyl palmitate (often found in lotions)
  • Retinyl acetate (often found in lotions)
  • Retinoic acid (often found in lotions)
  • Oxybenzone (often found in sunscreen)
  • Triclosan (often found in toothpaste

There are hundreds of other harmful chemicals not mentioned above that could be in various personal care products. Many of which are hormone disruptors and can cause a variety of other health problems. A decade ago if you wanted to avoid these chemicals you had to pretty much make your own personal care products in order to use something that you knew was clean and safe.

Thankfully we live in a time now where many people are questioning the ingredients in products they purchase and demanding better options, which means there is now a market for natural products and so many to choose from.

Don’t fall for the marketing lies

The products can be labeled as ‘all natural’ and still use tons of awful chemicals. Instead of relying on the marketing, just read the ingredients. If the ingredients are not listed you can contact the company directly to request it. If they won’t give you a full ingredient list, then I suggest not buying from them. Unfortunately the U.S does not require companies to disclose their ingredients on personal care products and does not regulate the chemicals put into them. The true natural companies who are honest will make it easy for you and list the ingredients on the product or on their website.

Try switching out your products one at a time

It may be expensive to switch out your old products for new all at once. I decided to do one thing at a time. Sometimes it took trying a few products before I found the one that worked best for me. For example, soap was very easy and I got the right one on the first try. However, deodorant was tricky. Many of the natural deodorants I did not like. Finally I found one that I love. I wanted to provide you with the list of what I use in case it’s helpful for you, but everyone is different so you may need to do your own exploring with products as well.

Helpful blogs with more resources on this topic:

My list of natural personal care products:

Deodorant: Green Goo

Lotion: Acure

Makeup remover wipes: Acure

Make up remover liquid: Beauty Counter

Face wash: Beauty Counter

Body Soap: Dr. Bronner’s

Hand soap: Dr. Bronner’s

Night Cream: Beauty Counter

Sunscreen: Beauty Counter

Shaving cream: Dr. Bronner’s

Toothpaste: Earthpaste

Chapstick: The naked bee

Shampoo & Conditioner: Beauty Counter

Makeup: Beauty Counter

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  1. Thank you Jessica!. 😊
    This is very helpful, I appreciate your list of personal care items, as I am also looking to switch my family’s personal care over to a safer, more natural option. Deodorant and make up have both been difficult finds for me, I’m happy to have advice on those!

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