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Ireland Trip

This post is a bit different than my usual content. Below I discuss the background of my recent Ireland trip, Video slideshows of our trip, Our itinerary and recommendations, and what we learned about homesteading in Ireland.

Ireland Trip – Background:

Recently a co-worker and I were asked to present a workshop for the tech company we work for at the office located in Dublin. While I was pleased for the opportunity, I needed to arrange to go on the trip quickly as I was approaching 6 months pregnancy and I didn’t want to be too much farther along while traveling to Europe.

When planning the work trip, we decided to also fly my husband out there on the last day of the workshop so that we could explore Ireland together over a long weekend before flying back home. It was the first time we took a trip without our son. It was difficult leaving him, but when we were there we had a blast. My son also had tons of fun staying with his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin who is a few years older than him but still at an age where they can play together. It was a blessing to have some days alone with my husband before kid #2 comes.

Below are some slideshows we put together and organized by location. At the bottom I also listed our itinerary in case its helpful for anyone looking to visit Ireland.

Video Slideshows:

Ireland Itinerary:


  • Trinity College (highly recommend!)
  • Guinness Storehouse
  • Dublin Castle
  • Shops and pubs in Temple Bar area
  • Fade st social (pricey, but amazing food, highly recommend!)
  • Brazen head (oldest pub in Dublin, great prices and service)


  • Doolin Inn (great rooms and service!)
  • O’Connors Pub in Doolin (traditional Irish music)
  • Cliffs of Moher (absolute must see!)
  • Shops in Galway


  • Bunratty castle: Medieval dinner banquet
  • Creamery Bar (pub)
  • Dirty Nellys (pub, I preferred this one especially for dinner because it felt more local and small-townish)
  • They also have folk park that looks really fun if you have kids with you. We decided not to do it.
  • Other than the Bunratty castle there is really not much else to do in Bunratty so we decided to take a 15 min bus ride to Limerick.


  • Milk Market (local crafts, goods, food, flowers)
  • St Johns Castle (self guided tour with tons of interesting panels about the history + seeing the castle itself)
  • Hunt Museum (free admission on Sundays. The museum wasn’t fancy or have anything too amazing in it, but they did have a ton of old art in various forms which I enjoyed viewing.)

Homesteading in Ireland:

When we explored the countryside of Ireland we saw miles and miles of rolling green grass. All the properties were divided by stone walls in square plots. Some of the stone walls had mortar and many were dry stacked. In each plot there were 5-10 cows or 10-20 sheep. Each plot was usually located near a house and sometimes an outdoor building. The outdoor building were not really what we would consider a barn, but I noticed that is how they were used. Many were made with stone. Many people had hoop houses for growing vegetables. I didn’t see many chickens except for a few houses with small backyard chicken coops.

When we were at the pubs, I talked to many locals to get a sense for the area and the occupations of people who lived in the rural parts of Ireland. They all said that it’s mainly farming and tourism. If you don’t own an air bnb, inn, or pub – then you likely do farming. They said there is not dairy farms there but mostly farming for meat from cows and wool from sheep.

I loved talking to the locals and getting a sense for the area. I enjoyed learning about the how people in this country homestead.

Have you traveled to other locations and learning about the local homesteading practices in their area? Comment below with details!