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Homestead Update

This post is just a quick update on our projects at the homestead this spring. We had a small retaining wall put in, replaced the old white picket fence that bordered our driveway, and then put in a 6′ high fence around our new garden and chicken area. Here are the before and after photos:

Before – Driveway fence:

After – Driveway fence:

Before – Retaining wall

After – Retaining wall

Before – Garden/Chicken area

After – Garden/Chicken area

Our next project for late spring – my husband is building me 6 redwood raised garden beds. Then to follow that, in early summer he is building a new chicken coop and run that will hold more chickens and be fully enclosed. I will be sure to post before and after pics of both once they are finished.

Full disclosure: we do not do projects this big every year! This is a special year we have been planning and saving up for a long time. What projects (big or small) do you have going on your homestead this year?