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Homemade Applesauce

This past October we went apple picking at a you-pick orchard about an hour from our house near Half Moon Bay. I heard that Fuji, Gala, and Honeycrisp tend to make the best applesauce so I was on a hunt for those varieties. We ended up getting 30 lbs of Gala for our sauce making. Here are some pics of us enjoying the picking experience.

We didn’t have time to make apple sauce the same weekend but we stored all the apples in our fridge until the next weekend. Homemade apple sauce is really pretty simple. Here is what we did:

Homemade Gala Apple Sauce

  1. Pick or purchase your apples.
  2. Clean your jars. Make sure you have thoroughly cleaned your mason jars you are using for canning and purchased new lids. If you are using 16 ounce jars you will likely get 1 jar for every 2 lbs of apples. We picked 30 lbs and were able to get 15 jars of applesauce.
  3. Wash apples
  4. Peel/Core/Slice apples. If you have more than 10 lbs and/or if you ever plan on making applesauce more than once then I highly suggest purchasing this apple peeler which cores the apple, peels it, and slices it. It is AMAZING.
  5. Boil the apples in a steam basket until soft
  6. Blend apples. I added a little water and cinnamon to each batch.
  7. Pour apple sauce into mason jars leaving 1/2″ room. Tighten the lids (new lids for canning).
  8. Place jars in boiling water (we have a large canning pot with basket) for 20 minutes (no longer than 30).
  9. Remove from boiling water and set on towel to cool off. You should hear each one pop once they are all the way cooled. You can check them by pressing down on the middle of the lid to make sure it is sealed. If there is a jar that doesn’t seal just put in the fridge and use soon.
  10. Enjoy your delicious canned applesauce all winter long!

Here is my son intensely enjoying the applesauce. He approves!