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Favorite Children’s Literature – Top 35 (Preschool age)

Reading to little ones is important

Reading to children helps to develop their brains and it builds their own love for reading. We read to Wyatt every night before bed. It’s a special time that he cherishes. It’s also my opportunity to cuddle up in a chair with an otherwise very busy, active boy.

When I was young I remember reading countless stories with my mom. I also remember when I learned how to read on my own. The stories I read helped to shape a little bit of my character in a way. I remember feeling excited or empathetic for the characters I was reading about in the American Girl books, The Little House on the Prairie or The Secret Garden.

While I am very thankful to have access to a local library, I also like to build our own mini library with favorite children’s literature in our home. I am always looking for good children’s book recommendations. As you will see from my Top 35 list, I tend to prefer many of the older authors. I usually pick stories that either teach something, are meaningful in some way, are funny, or are about nature.

Something new I started doing recently, is whenever we are traveling to a new town, I try to find a children’s book by a local author to put in our home library. They don’t always have one, but it’s fun to pop in a local bookstore or gift shop and ask. This way we have a souvenir that is practical and we are supporting local authors and artists.

I would love to hear about your favorite children’s books. Comment below!

Favorite Children’s Literature – Top 35 (Preschool age)

  1. Make Way for Ducklings, Robert McCloskey
  2. Blueberries for Sal, Robert McCloskey
  3. One Morning in Maine, Robert McCloskey
  4. The Little Engine That Could, Piper & Long
  5. All Things Bright and Beautiful, Alexander & Whatley
  6. Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel, Virginia Lee Burton
  7. The Little House, Virginia Lee Burton
  8. Katy and the Big Snow, Virginia Lee Burton
  9. Nicholas Cricket, Maxner & Joyce
  10. Corduroy, Don Freeman
  11. Ferdinand, Leaf & Lawson
  12. Cowboy Small, Lois Lenski
  13. The Little Farmer, Lois Lenski
  14. The Little Train, Lois Lenski
  15. The Poky Little Puppy, A Golden Book
  16. Tawny Scrawny Lion, A Golden Book
  17. Two Little Gardeners, A Golden Book
  18. Harry the Dirty Dog, Zion & Graham
  19. No Roses for Harry, Zion & Graham
  20. Winnie the Pooh, Dutton (I love the original, but the 5 minute stories version is great for younger preschoolers)
  21. The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy, Thayer
  22. The Story About Ping, Flack & Wiese
  23. Sammy the Seal, Hoff
  24. Me and My Flying Machine, Mayer
  25. Underground, Fleming
  26. Red Sled, Judge
  27. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eric Carle
  28. Piggies, Wood
  29. The Ten Little Ladybugs, Gerth
  30. Time for Bed, Fox & Dyer
  31. Little Toot, Hardi Gramatky
  32. Ten Little Caterpillars, Lois Ehlert
  33. The Quiet Book, Underwood & Liwska
  34. Trains, Keith Newell
  35. Read with Me Bible, Rikkers & Syswerds

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