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Family Natural Medicine Cabinet

I have boys in this house and not only that but they are active, outdoors loving boys. Which means we need extra bandaids and poison oak salve on hand at all times!

In general I try to feed my family fairly healthy meals and we take vitamins every day to help supplement what we don’t get from our meals. We also try to avoid or limit sugar as much as possible. Doing these simple things has helped our family a ton to avoid catching colds and getting sick. In fact, we very rarely get sick since we have changed our lifestyle and way of eating a couple of years ago.

However, during the fall and winter months even the healthiest of folks will eventually get something, especially our kiddos who touch everything! I made my own family “medicine” cabinet with natural remedies so that I can be prepared when something comes up.

I won’t be sharing a detailed list of everything I keep in my cabinet but I thought it may be more helpful if I give the big picture ideas for how I went about putting it together and some general go to’s that you may consider including for your family.

First, I listed out all of the common symptoms that affect our family the most throughout the year. For us, the main category is ‘colds/allergy/flu’. In that bucket we have a ton of additional vitamins we take in addition to our regular daily vitamins at the time when our immune system needs an extra boost. These additional vitamins I have customized for each family member through our functional medicine doctor who knows our health history and lab tests. That is why I won’t be sharing the detailed list.

In addition to addressing specific symptoms, we also do just general immune boosting remedies like drinking a dairy free golden milk (turmeric, ginger, and coconut milk) and eating soup made with bone broth. Check out my post on ‘12 ways to support your kids immune system‘ which covers some of the remedies we typically use for our kids.

When I decided to make a natural family medicine cabinet my main reasons for doing so would be so that in the case of an accident or illness we would be prepared and able to quickly find something to help aid in the situation without having to scramble or run to the store. In order for that to work practically I needed to do 2 things:

  • First, I organized everything in the cabinet so that it can be easily seen and found.
  • Secondly, I keep a typed out a list of all the symptoms and corresponding remedies/supplements.
    • On my list of symptoms the biggest section is general ‘cold & flu’ where I have a ton of different immune boosting remedies and supplements to load up on.
    • The other sections include: Sleep aid, no appetite, constipation, muscle cramps, respiratory, allergies, etc.
    • I also have a section for external ailments such as burns, scratches, bruises, poison oak, bug bites, etc.
    • I keep all of the bandaids, wraps, gaze, tape, etc. in the external ailments section of the cabinet.

A couple of things that I have found very helpful for my family that I will always keep stocked in our family natural medicine cabinet:

  • Green Goo First Aid: This stuff is awesome for use on any kind of scratch. I not only keep this in the medicine cabinet downstairs but I also have one in our upstairs bathroom and a small one in my purse.
  • Herbal Biotic: For anything that you would suspect to be a bacterial infection or that you would go to the doctor for to get an antibiotic prescription. It doesn’t come up too often that we need this, but when we do need it it’s so nice to have on hand. For our family it has worked every-time just as well as antibiotics would work but it doesn’t harm your good bacteria in your gut like antibiotics. For this one, you may want to check with your healthcare team before use because there may be something else you should be doing in addition to this or instead of this depending on the situation. I wanted to it least mention it here because it works so great. One time I had a lingering cold/throat thing that would not go away after several weeks and then I took this and it was gone within 2 days.
  • Elderberry Syrup, Vit D, Vit C, and Zinc: For general immune boosting when you feel yourself starting to come down with something. I have both adult and kids versions.
  • Boiron Allergy Relief: Thankfully I don’t get seasonal allergies. However, my husband does and during that season he needs some relief. This isn’t the only thing he takes/does but its one of the main go -to’s that we always keep stocked.

Since I have put together our family natural medicine cabinet I have to say it has definitely served its purpose. It actually has been even more helpful than I expected. Now, for almost any non-serious, non-life threatening ailment we can have a remedy to address it or it least to start managing it quickly at home. In certain situations when more may be needed we consult with our healthcare team, but it least we are prepared to handle the small stuff at home and hopefully reduce the duration of time we are ill/have that ailment.

Do you have natural remedies you always have on hand in your home? Share with me below in the comments!

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