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Canned Pickles

I canned pickles for the first time two years ago. The flavor was great but the texture was a bit too mushy. Come to find out – I did everything wrong…

To get crispy pickles you need to first have the pickling variety (small with little seeds). Next, you need to can them shortly after you harvest them. Lastly, you should can them in pint jars instead of quart jars to keep the processing time at only 10 minutes.

After doing a lot research I found that this article from Practical Self-Reliance had the most helpful tips on making pickles crispy. I also used their brine & spice recipe.

I am happy to announce that I finally have canned crispy pickles! The pickles are extremely flavorful! However, for our taste – they are a little too flavorful. Next time, if we use this recipe we will cut down the onion, garlic, and spices in this recipe by half and we will try using white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar. Except for the dill, which we will double. We might also add in a little something else. Come to to think of it – we might just make our own recipe next time. 🙂 I do really appreciate this article though for helping me make our pickles crispy finally!

Here are some pictures from our process:

The cucumbers that were super tiny we canned whole. The other medium size cucumbers we cut up in 1/2″ pieces.

We put the spices in the bottom of the jars.

After filling the jar with the cucumbers we topped with onion and garlic.

We then filled with the brine.

Last, we water bath canned for 10 minutes.

And Done!