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Ryan’s Famous Artichokes

If you haven’t tried artichokes cooked the right way, then you haven’t really experienced artichokes in all their glory. If you grew up eating artichokes steamed or cooked from a can, then maybe you are

Toddler / Preschooler Home Chores

I am all about teaching kids to work from a young age. Now the important thing to remember with toddlers and chores is that the point isn’t really for them to help you (it least

Why I changed what my family eats

For some reason food can be a sensitive topic. Maybe not quite as high on the sensitive list as politics, but it’s definitely up there. Perhaps one reason may be because there are some folks

Book Review: Life Giving Home

One of my personal goals is to read 1 book per month related to homesteading, health/wellness, or family/parenting. I always take notes from the books that I read because it helps me to retain the