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12 Winter Break Activities for Preschool age Kids

We were all pretty excited about the holiday and equally excited about having the week after off from work and school. I made a list of new activities for us to do during my older son’s holiday school break. I wanted to think of some new seasonly things to do besides the normal art/puzzles/etc. we usually do on weekend mornings before we make our way outside. It was fun for him to do something new and winter-ish.

12 Kids Winter Activity Ideas:

  1. Make cranberry strings for the birds. (My niece did this with her kiddos and I thought it was such a great idea!)
  2. Get pomegranates from store & take out seeds (have them do this in the bathtub with pomegranates in a big bowl)
  3. Holiday coloring sheets (like this one)
  4. Make homemade ornaments (there are many ideas for this online but we just pulled out some sticky sequins, paper, and a hole puncher)
  5. Make snowflakes (like this one)
  6. Penguins go iceskating! Put kid in bathtub with a plastic stool to put icecubes on and toy penguins. (I bought this kind).
  7. Decorate a felt Xmas tree (like this one)
  8. Make bracelets (beads on stretchy jewelry string)
  9. Create a paper tree Advent Calendar
  10. Make perler bead gifts for people & then wrap them
  11. Bundle up and take lots of nature walks
  12. Watch the musical ‘White Christmas’

What are your kids doing this winter? I’d love to hear your ideas. Comment below!